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The Dawn of Time

Ephesus - a wonder of the ancient world

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Six thousand cruise ship passengers in nearby Kusadasi were just starting breakfast this morning when we arrived at the gates of the ancient Roman city of Ephesus and startled the sleepy girl in the ticket office. But being the early worms really paid off for us, and for you, because here are some rarely seen views of the totally deserted city at dawn...
This is the library of Celsus that once held 12,000 scrolls...
Roman Ephesus was the capital of Asia Minor in the 1st century AD and had a population of a quarter of a million. Three earthquakes and bands of marauding Christians eventually reduced the place to rubble and it is still being put back together.
This is the 25,000 seat Grand Theatre, circa AD 41, where for one sestertius (or an as for a seat in the gods), the good citizens could watch gladiators hack each other to death every Saturday night. But today is Friday and all we have to watch is the sunrise.

Ephesus is an absolute 'must' on any tour of Turkey as we discovered when the cruise ships' mobs finally swarmed ashore and overran us at about 9.30am, but by then we had wandered these ancient streets alone for more than an hour and had imagined ourselves surrounded by Roman citizenry in flowing robes. Here is the main street in the light of dawn... can you see the apparitions of Centurians and their wives?
We even got to imagine the early morning sight and the smell in this building...Yuk!
No prizes for guessing what this place was 2,000 years ago? Need a clue? We don't think so.

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Thank you for making my Sat. morning great with some history and beautiful photos to enjoy.

by Judy Chlebak

Happy Birthday on October 1st Sheila and happy third anniversary of your retirement.
Love, Kaye

by Kaye Thomson

More amazing photographs - at dawn, no less. I doubt St. John Chrysostom realized his preaching against the abuse of authority would lead to the destruction of the temple in 401. Or is this simply the eternal tragic flaw of leaders - that their struggle for power inevitably leads to more hunger for power? Apologies to all who have studied theology and have a better understanding of the life of church fathers and saints.

by Janet

l have a clue for you:)
The 1st-century Roman latrine of Ephesus was rather advanced and civilized for its time. It was constructed over a channel with an uninterrupted flow of water and the toilet seats, formed by cutting holes into marble benches that line the walls, were covered by a roof.

by Ayşe ARSLAN

Happy Birthday, Sheila! It certainly looks like you had a marvelous day...but I see no cake pix...Jim, didn't you pack one? Slipping :)

by catherine

Happy Birthday Sheila! Hope you had a great day!

by Sandra

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