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Love Letter from Verona

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Romeo: "Juliet, Juliet, wherefor art thou Juliet?"
Juliet: "In Verona sweet Romeo, upon the balcony."
Romeo: "But pray tell Juliet. Upon which balcony;
Upon this...
or this..
or this..."
Juliet: "Nay Romeo; on none but mine own balcony."
Romeo: "Then I might find you hidden 'mongst the roses
Upon this verdant balcony..."
Juliet: "Oh! Romeo thou art blinded by the moon.
That is not my balcony. And neither roses are they, nor I."
Romeo: "What's in a name, Juliet. That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."
Juliet: "But I have no scent dear Romeo. I am but a myth.
A mere fancy penned to existence by Luigi Da Porta
And ignited to saintliness by Master Shakespeare in 1596."
Romeo: "Then answer me this riddle Juliet. If thou art as thou sayest
A mere will-o-the-wisp, nothing more than a notion,
And a figment of fiction. Why dost the throngs flock to thine house
And paper thine walls with their lovestruck entreaties; Why dost the thousands
write to you of their lovelorn agonies; Why dost the heartsick
bow down at your balcony?"
Juliet: "Because, dear Romeo, romantics always want to believe.
But I have no house - I am fiction. My balcony was added in 1936 by the government to attract tourists.
As for the love letters - volunteer teams of agony aunts answer them on my behalf. "

And so ends the myth of Romeo and Juliet. But this is a love letter - our love letter. We loved Verona. It is bursting with the ambiance of a medieval Italian city...
With a splendid Roman arena...
and ancient castles...
We loved the vistas, the parks and the (generally) friendly people. As for the romantics who arrive here in search of love from all over the world: as Shakespeare wrote,
"If they may seize on the white wonder of Juliet's hand,
And steal immortal blessings from her life,
Who, even in pure and vestal modesty
Still blush, as thinking their own kisses sin."

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Hold! Is't to mine own eyes thou sayest Romeo and Juliet never stood upon or beneath such balcony, never married or committed upon their beating hearts such knifes or poisons that verily begat a whole culture of romantics tho' these many centuries? Explainest thou then to this humble heart, from whence cameth the eternal Street Coronation? Dost thou darest pronounce these long suffering tremors a mere ratiocination in the imagination of Will?

by The Vickerage

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