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The Pride of London

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We arrived in England nearly a week ago and discovered that we were not alone in thinking London is the best city in the world - the old gal was just heaving. But as we jostled our way through the gilded halls of Harrods, (with our wallets firmly in our pockets), and fought our way past the emporiums of Oxford Street, we realized that most of the shoppers were foreigners taking advantage of the bargain-basement pound.
But who needs money in London? New York may boast that the Staten Island Ferry offers the best free show in the world, but the sights of Manhattan pale in comparison to the delights of Greater London. Here’s a snapshot…
Big Ben’s iconic tower is just one of hundreds of instantly recognizable landmarks liberally scattered across this ancient city that turns any walk into a fascinating journey through history. Who would not recognize Buckingham Palace, the infamous Tower of London, the soaring span of Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, the Royal Albert Hall, and Sir Christopher Wren’s gothic masterpiece of St.Paul’s Cathedral…
But there are thousands of lesser known architectural wonders lining the wide boulevards and riversides of London and you can stroll for days along its famously named thoroughfares staring in awe at the grandeur created in times past: see sections of the 2,000 year old Roman wall, the medieval castle that is the Tower, the Tudor palaces and houses, the great Georgian terraces and the magnificent Victorian railway stations, or gape in wonder at the myriad of modern wonders like London Eye…
London can be expensive whatever the state of sterling but beyond the cost of food and lodging it can be the cheapest place to visit on earth. London, with its wealth of public buildings and parks, is in itself a great free museum, but it is also home to some of the greatest museums, libraries and art galleries in the world - and they are all absolutely free to visitors. And then there are the parades…
There is always some ceremonial event taking place in London, even if it’s only the daily ritual of the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, and we struck gold. We arrived in time to see the Lord Mayor’s Show…
This is the new Lord Mayor’s gilded coach led by a procession of bands and floats totaling more than 6,000 people…
Sheila particularly liked the beautifully groomed horses…
The Lord Mayor’s Show is an annual event to celebrate the anointing of the new incumbent and it is followed by a magnificent firework display on the river – and it’s all free. The following day was Remembrance Sunday with another great parade at the Cenotaph – and that was free as well.
Enough of this free stuff – we’re off to the countryside to visit friends and relatives for a few weeks before we return to Canada. Cheerio for now, but look for a special blog entry when we get back to our island home in mid-December.

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How did you find such wonderful points from which to take the super pictures? The one of the London Eye is the best I've ever seen of it.It was great to see both of you on Sunday looking fit and eager for the final stage of your Blissful Adventure,which has taken the place of a holiday for an octogenarian no longer able to travel. Eileen

by Eileen Dixon

If you ever start up a touring company I'll sign up. My view of London has usually been cowering in the back seat of a car while a relative drives through.

by The Vickerage

Just in time to help me deal with Blissful Adventures withdrawal. I wasrelieved until I read that there is another hiatus coming up! Oh dear. Anyway, love the photos. "Smashing" is the term that might be used by linguistic tourists. Can you bring me back one of those yellow and blue capes?

by Tom

And I was here today too with Sharon mooching round the Strand in the sun!...Back again here next week too will you still be there. I'm in Bournemouth

by liz

eh oop if tha thinks lunden is't best city in t'world then 'appen you've nuver bin to 'uddersfield. Ee by gum

by t'other vickerage

Your photos are amazing! the photos I took this time last year pale in comparison. And I agree that London is a magnificent city,and I hope to see it again. Thank you Sheila and Jim. Hugs, Trudy

by Trudy

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