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Here in the Yucatan there are no stickers on fruit – no pesky little hard-to-remove labels proclaiming, “Produce of Mexico”. Origin labels in the produce department here are as redundant as fur-lined parkas and woolly long johns. This is the land of perpetual summer where, until recently, there was no question as to where all these sweet treats came from…
But things are changing: rumour has it that due to globalization and free trade nearly all chicken in Mexico now comes from Canada, and, just as at home, there seems to be few foodstuffs, (apart from a wedge of strong cheddar cheese), that cannot be found here. However, while globalization may have brought the world to our local superstore in Canada in doing so it has diminished the excitement of experiencing new foods for world adventurers like us. Even truly exotic fruits like rambutan, durian and dragon fruit can now be found alongside the apples and pears in almost every supermarket. Canadian grocers’ coolers are filled, year-round, with out-of season crops and many proudly proclaim their fruit to be ‘Jet Fresh’ without for a moment counting the environmental cost of flying what is essentially a ton of flavoured water halfway around the world. (And don’t get James started only the total insanity of bottling water - plain, simple, unadulterated spring water – and shipping it from one side of the world to another: frequently to countries like Canada which already has a massive excess of its own water).
But we digress. March is fruit month in Mexico when citrus trees are loaded with ripe limes, lemons and oranges, when there are melons, watermelons and strawberries a plenty, and when papaya stalks hang with fruit the size of prize winning vegetable marrows…
Clusters of fresh golden coconuts sway under palm fronds like giant Christmas baubles…
And avocados are shiny green bells hanging in a pretty blue sky…
The trees here, and the stores, are simply bursting with succulent and easily recognizable bananas, mangos, pineapples and papayas – and they all taste so much better when they have come straight from the orchard – but what is the strange looking green giant in the foreground of the first picture? Here’s what it looks like on the inside…
This fabulous fruit tastes like pineapple and strawberry crossed with orange and coconut and it is reputed to contain a chemical which prevents some cancers.

And what are these ostrich egg-sized fruits…?
If you close your eyes when eating this fruit you will believe that you are eating crème caramel…

And finally...
This soft, sweet, fragrant fruit, the size of a tennis ball, has the texture of custard and is also reputed to have medicinal benefits.

If you can name all three of the Mexican fruits you win a one week all-inclusive holiday for two in the Yucatan – airfare and airport transfers not included. (All prizes must be claimed and holidays taken before 31 March 2012 when we head home to finish the dregs of last year’s apple crop and wait for the sun to return to ripen our blackberries).

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They all look so good - the fruits.

by Janet

I dont know what any of those are - guess I lose.
Annette and Merv Sweeney (my landlords) just arrived home this week from Mexico without their van which burned to the ground in a fire at a gas station in Arizona. lost everything.

by Jean

Wild guesses, and only from the cut views--weird pear, odd-ball sweet pepper, and more conventional fig.

by R and B

hmmm...looks to me like guanabana, mamey and perhaps chirimoya...although the third one is hard to identify because we can't see the skin. Am I getting warm? Can't wait to take you up on at least a part of your offer :) How about I exchange the offer to a one night stay, with a complimentary dinner and road trip? ...and fabulous company, of course.

by catherine

I don't have a clue, but they look wonderful!
Sounds like you two are into the holiday part of your time...and having a blast!

by Sharron

This reminds me of a Rotary club presentation on new fruits in British markets unnoticed by most but fascinating.

by David Henderson

Jordan thinks the first one is an enormous chestnut, the second is an enormous peeled almond, the third is an enormous coloured avocado and the last one is rice pudding with blueberries in it!! We're just being silly! See you soon!

by Deb & Jordan

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