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El Condor Pasa

The Condor passes by

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As the rays of dawn eclipse the lip of the Colca Canyon in southern Peru it awakens the giant condors and, like prehistoric creatures, they rise from their craggy perches to soar in the warming air…
Never needing to flap their enormous wings, these solar powered mammoths of the heavens soar higher and higher with the ascending sun until they meet us, eye to eye, on the rim of the canyon. The clock reverses as we become engrossed in a matchless aerobatic display that melds us and them into a dance with the firmament that has been witnessed by man for millennia…
We stand in wonder, mesmerised by the aerial ballet that is being performed seemingly for our sole benefit. It is as if these mystical beings have awaited our arrival to swoop and soar time and again as the thermals lift them more than three kilometres from the canyon’s depths until they can survey all that lies beneath…
Worshipped by the Incas as the embodiment of the gods, and demonised by the conquistadors for that same reason, these ancient beings were hunted to near extinction by the Christians who feared their demonic powers, And so it was with a sense of great gratitude, (and with a few tears of joy), that we were privileged to witness one of the most awe inspiring sights on earth – the dance of the Andean condors.
Wherever we travel in South America we hear panpipes playing the haunting folk tune "El Condor Pasa", and this tune will forever remind us of the day we joined the condors in their celestial dance.

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How absolutely wonderful! Definitely a forever memory...

by Joyce

Majestic birds. They glide surprisingly fast. Congratulations on getting them so nicely framed.

by Tom

You certainly have been high and low, from naughty nuns to soaring condors (not to say that naughty nuns represent the low) (naughty nuns represent the human spirit which may be soaring over you now). Are you longing for your soaring eagles and barking sea lions?

by Sue Fitzwilson

How incredible...

by Sharron

Wow!! The nature is so great. There are no need to worry about trifle daily things.

by Yoshie

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