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Our world is an engrossing and colourful book filled with fascinating images and wonderful tales that can be read by all. The Book of the World is endless, and we don't know when we will turn our last page but, until that day, we will continue to be delighted, educated and amazed by the sights, sounds and experiences of this fascinating planet. And we will continue to take you along for the ride if you allow us.

Five hundred times in the past eight years we have sat down to reveal to you the most interesting and informative paragraphs from our world book from more than fifty countries on six of the earth's continents. To celebrate this milestone we decided to revisit some of the most magical moments from the journeys that have taken us a half a million kilometres around the globe. We begin in South America with the breathtaking sight of the Inca city of Machu Picchu as the morning clouds rolled back to give us a perfect view of this city in sky...
We cannot leave Peru without recalling the heart-stopping moment when the giant condors rose majestically from the Colca Canyon to soar effortlessly in the clear blue sky above us...
Mountains are often obscured by clouds for days, or weeks, on end, but on many occasions we have been incredibly fortunate in our timing. We rarely spend more than a couple of nights anywhere, but luck was on our side when we visited Cotopaxi in Ecuador, Mt Fuji in Japan and Mt. Robson in British Columbia. However, we were most lucky in getting this perfectly clear view of the Franz Joseph Glacier on the South Island of New Zealand...
We have often been lucky with the weather, but we've also been fortunate in other ways. On some occasions our visits have serendipitously coincided with some important event such as the Eurochocolate Fair in Perugia, Italy, and the Perahera in Colombo, Sri Lanka. However, two events stand above all others. The first was in Rome when we unexpectedly found ourselves in the midst of a crowd to witness the re-opening of the Trevi Fountain after a lengthy refurbishment. And, perhaps the most memorable was the Mankai; the moment of absolute perfection,when the cherry blossoms are at their zenith in Kanazawa, Japan...
We have travelled very extensively in Europe and have thousands of happy memories, however one of the most poignant moments was in London in 2014 when more than 888,000 ceramic poppies were planted at the Tower of London to remember the dead of the 1st World War...
Wild creatures are always intriguing and we have seen vast numbers on our travels. From the tiny fairy penguins on Phillip Island in the Southern Ocean to the herds of giant elephants in Sri Lanka and a solitary bactrian camel in Mongolia. But one of our most indelible encounters was with this wild koala bear on Kangaroo Island, Australia...
Asia is a large, diverse and fascinating continent and we have seen amazing sights from the snows of Siberia to the tropical islands of the Indian Ocean. However there are two simply breathtaking sights that cannot be overstated and both are in China. The first are the two-thousand year old terracotta warriors of Xian...
But surely nothing in the world is more memorable than the Great Wall of China...
Africa has been a challenge due to corruption and political instability. However, the pyramids, tombs and temples of Ancient Egypt were an absolute 'Wow', but so were the dye pits in the heart of the Moroccan city of Fez...
Perhaps our most unforgettable moments are when we have connected with people. Wherever we go we meet wonderful, kind and generous people and we are sickened by the current wave of xenophobia being peddled in the West by ignorant buffoons. Through our travels we have gained many friends and acquaintances and our blog entries have been viewed nearly a million times by people all over the globe.

As we begin the next chapter in 'our' Book of the World we look forward to your company and ask that you share our blog with anyone you think may be interested in coming along for the ride.
Finally, as we prepare to leave Sri Lanka for Thailand and China, we take a look back to the magical moment we shared when we visited the Taj Mahal at dawn on the 16th February 2011...
Now begins the next chapter

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Some truly splendid sights. Thank you for all the time and energy to put into this blog.

by Janet

Yes, thank you both for reminding us of the truly amazing and beautiful planet we inhabit.
Although I miss you on Gabriola when you're away I relish your blog postings and look forward to travelling with you in this way while you are gone!!!
Congratulations on your 500th!!!

by Alison fitzgerald

Some memory lane that is and to think that we travelled it with you via this blog. Thank you for sharing.

by R and B

Thank you for allowing me to travel with you. Your photos and commentary have been both educational and heart warming. I love the kindness and appreciation you carry with you.. you are the best kind of ambassadors of travelling.
Much love.

by Sue Fitzwilson

Truly amazing. So blessed to travel with you.

by Ute Ewert

Another catch up day. Congrats on number 500. A fabulous archive. Brings back memories for all us readers. Avanti!

by Tom Whalley

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