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Diary of a Safari - Day 2. Up Close and Personal

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Fearing that our Lumix compact camera wouldn't get us close to the action. and would leave us with camera envy. we had seriously considered buying some flashy equipment with telephoto lenses for this trip. In the end we stuck with our little compact rather than lug around a monster and just hoped we could get close enough to a few of the animals for some captivating shots... . Then this happened...
Whoa – a bit too close for comfort. A whole herd of elephants, including a week old calf, just 15 feet away. Let's step back a bit. That's better...
But it wasn't just the elephants that got within spitting distance. What about this lioness with her four cubs? ...
This fabulous feline was no more than 20 feet away from us and posed proudly as we took photo after photo from the safety of our safari jeep. Then there was this little chap...
This adorable little Kirk's dik-dik – the smallest member of the antelope family – wasn't the least bit scared of us and we could have reached out and touched him and his mate.
Herds of impala surrounded us from time to time and, although a little skittish, were often within a few yards of us...
The eland is the largest of all the African antelopes and this elegant fella with spiralled horns was quite happy just to stand a few yards away to pose for a lengthy photo shoot...
Cape buffaloes are some of the largest, most formidable and unpredictable, of all the animals here and an adult male would have no difficulty knocking over our jeep with his massive horns and armour plated head. This big guy probably weighed at least a ton and thankfully showed no interest in anything but his lunch...
Zebras are a dime a dozen, (that would be a shilling a dozen in Tanzanian money), and we could have taken a thousand close-ups of them as they made little effort to get away from us. (Actually we probably did take a thousand photos). This one was particularly curious...
While the big animals are easy to spot it is the babies that are most adorable. This little vervet monkey was just a few days old when we saw him playing in the grass by the side of the road...
While he was cute enough to cuddle, the rest of his troupe kept a close eye and would have soon seen us off.
Now we have moved from Tarangire to the Great Rift Valley and today we were incredibly lucky to witness one of the rarest sights in sub-Saharan Africa. We look forward to letting you in on our big surprise tomorrow.
Tutaonana Baadae

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Wondrous!!! Especially love the eland! as in a fantasmagoric dream!
Thanks for sharing all this with us!

by Alison Fitzgerald

Wow. Beautiful.

by Janet

Feels like we are there with you. Such interesting faces. I too like the eland.

by Sue Fitzwilson

Delightful photos and I can’t see how heavy fancy equipment would enhance the experience. Thanks!

by Joyce

Keep on living the good life - travelling and seeing the world's beauty!

by Miranda

WOW! Amazing

by Sandra

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