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Diary of a Safari - Day 5. Kindergarten in the Serengeti.

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As this post is all about the baby animals which we have seen in the Serengeti you may wonder why we are starting with this picture of a cheetah...
The answer is that we saw four of these beautiful animals today and just couldn't wait to show you one of them.
Now back to the babies. While it isn't in our nature to anthropomorphize wild animals we couldn't help wondering what these young creatures were saying and thinking as we took their photos. What about this baby baboon...
"Look Mum - I'm riding sidesaddle one-handed."
Seconds after we took this picture the baby fell off - Lesson learned - Don't show off to the humans, you will only get hurt.

Adult topi are not the most photogenic of the antelope family but their offspring are cute. This calf was saying,
"Just pretend you didn't hear him say that Mum. I think you're lovely."

This mother and baby hippo were in a stagnant pool along with twenty other hippos.
Mother, "Yes dear, I know the water is full of poo but just close your nose and dive. You'll get used to it."

These rock hyraxes are the size of large rodents...
Baby hyrax,"Mum, that man said I looked like a rat." Mother, "Take no notice son. Just remember your cousin is an elephant."

Giraffes are easy to spot on the plains but we only saw one young baby so just had to get a photo...
Baby giraffe, "Mum. Can you see from up there if that man is taking my picture?"

Vervet monkeys are mischievous little creatures. One of them stole a yoghurt from the breakfast table this morning - however, it was a banana yoghurt. The Mbuzi Mawe Safari restaurant is the only 5 star restaurant we have eaten in where the waiters carry catapaults to fend off the monkeys. We wondered what this protective mother was saying...
"Oy. If you shoot my kid I'll bite."

We have seen an incredible number of lions - some as close as five feet away from our vehicle. This lioness had four cubs of varying ages and would have to be a skillful hunter to feed them all.
Lioness, "Right. Stay here you lot and keep quiet. I think I've just spotted lunch."

Whereas this impala calf is saying...
"Mum, there's a lion over there giving me a very funny look."

This baby elephant was only a few days old when we saw it in Tarangire National Park.
" Slow down Mum. I've only got little legs."

O.K. Folks. That's all today. We hope you will join us again tomorrow when we will bring you more amazing scenes from the Serengeti.

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I wonder if word has gotten around about the two of you and the animals have given you names and captions. Too funny. Babies are adorable anywhere. Love the 2 day old elephant calf.

by Sue Fitzwilson

How lucky you are to see these animals. How lucky we are to share this incredible trip with you - thank you so much for these fabulous photos.

by Ginny

Impala: and these homo sapiens just keep coming back and staring - who do they think they are?

by Janet

Gentle portraits of nature red in claw and tooth. Little giraffe has some way to go to reach the treetops. Must happen quickly.
Great photos.

by Tom

We can't imagine what a wonderful adventure you are having and can hardly wait for day 6.

by Keith and Helen

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