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Love Letter from Verona

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Romeo: "Juliet, Juliet, wherefor art thou Juliet?"
Juliet: "In Verona sweet Romeo, upon the balcony."
Romeo: "But pray tell Juliet. Upon which balcony;
Upon this...
or this..
or this..."
Juliet: "Nay Romeo; on none but mine own balcony."
Romeo: "Then I might find you hidden 'mongst the roses
Upon this verdant balcony..."
Juliet: "Oh! Romeo thou art blinded by the moon.
That is not my balcony. And neither roses are they, nor I."
Romeo: "What's in a name, Juliet. That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."
Juliet: "But I have no scent dear Romeo. I am but a myth.
A mere fancy penned to existence by Luigi Da Porta
And ignited to saintliness by Master Shakespeare in 1596."
Romeo: "Then answer me this riddle Juliet. If thou art as thou sayest
A mere will-o-the-wisp, nothing more than a notion,
And a figment of fiction. Why dost the throngs flock to thine house
And paper thine walls with their lovestruck entreaties; Why dost the thousands
write to you of their lovelorn agonies; Why dost the heartsick
bow down at your balcony?"
Juliet: "Because, dear Romeo, romantics always want to believe.
But I have no house - I am fiction. My balcony was added in 1936 by the government to attract tourists.
As for the love letters - volunteer teams of agony aunts answer them on my behalf. "

And so ends the myth of Romeo and Juliet. But this is a love letter - our love letter. We loved Verona. It is bursting with the ambiance of a medieval Italian city...
With a splendid Roman arena...
and ancient castles...
We loved the vistas, the parks and the (generally) friendly people. As for the romantics who arrive here in search of love from all over the world: as Shakespeare wrote,
"If they may seize on the white wonder of Juliet's hand,
And steal immortal blessings from her life,
Who, even in pure and vestal modesty
Still blush, as thinking their own kisses sin."

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The Devil Wears Prada

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The Duomo of Milan…
It’s All Saints’ Day so we thought it appropriate to visit Milan’s impressive cathedral for Mass, and we expected to find it packed with pious Italians. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that barely a handful of celebrants had shown up and most of the choristers were having the day off. It’s a religious holiday so where were all the Milanese? At the shops of course. After all, this is Milan. God may dwell in the Duomo, but the Devil wears Prada…
And when it comes to a toss-up between three alleluias, two amens, and these nifty little numbers from Dolce & Gabbana at $3,000 each, we all know where the average Italian man will put his money if he wants to get lucky…
On the other hand the average Canadian, (namely James), is much more likely to have accidentally left his credit card at the hotel. Milan is at the epicenter of the world of fashionistas and there is no shortage of places for them to worship…
All the renowned fashion houses are here, along with many we’ve never heard of, but Milan isn’t all about shopping. It has some splendid architecture and this is the well-preserved 15th century fortress of Castello Sforzesco….
However, this is the disappointingly bland façade of the world famous La Scala opera house…
But, despite it’s many churches and sacred buildings, the true bastion of religion in this bustling Lombardy city is the great crystal-roofed cathedral of the splendid Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II; an opulent shrine dedicated to worshippers of conspicuous consumption that houses the icons of wealth and one-upmanship that make Milan the dream of every shopaholic. Come and enjoy, but make sure you bring your flexible friend if you want to take home this nice little alligator bag for just $2,500…

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Pizza with that?

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Italy offers an absolute smorgasbord of historical artifacts, architectural wonders and tourist attractions, but we can't leave without mentioning the fabulous food. Seafood tagliatelle anyone?
Pasta of every shape, colour and size can be found everywhere...
The cakes in the Pastecheria's window look as good as they taste...
And the fruit stalls in Rome were a picture...
Best of all, after Turkey, were the wonderful cappuccinos that cost just $1.60 as long as we didn't sit down in the cafe...
If you sit down the bill skyrockets to $3.00. It's a cultural thing, as is the pizza. The pizzas are absolutely fantastic - and cheap - but we didn't think to photograph one... which means that we'll have to go back.
We left Italy a couple of days ago. The rail journey along the Ligurian coast from Portofino to Ventimiglia offered a series of tantalising glimpses of secluded bays and cliff-hugging harbours as the train slipped in and out of a myriad of tunnels before finally bursting into the bright sunlight of the Italian Riviera and the glitzy resorts of San Remo and Imperia. The sea was always blue - impossibly blue - and it changed from cerulean to aquamarine and a hundred other eye-spinning shades as we sped from one bay to the next. And then it was Monte-Carlo, the Maritime Alps and the star-studded French Riviera. These are the playgrounds of the super-rich, where mere millionaires are a dime a dozen, but the heat has gone; the season is long past. The ritzy nightspots and chic beach bars of Cannes and Nice have rolled down the shutters and the glitterati have left their maids to lock up the villas while the captains refit the super-yachts ready for next summer.
We are visiting family for a week or so in Cannes but, knowing how much you would like to see a real Italian pizza, we're headed back to Italy next week. In the meantime a'bientot from a wet and windy Cannes: see you in Milan in a week or so.

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Postcards from Picture Perfect Portofino

sunny 22 °C


We wish you were here in beautiful Portofino on the Ligurian Sea, Italy.

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Stairways to Heaven

Perugia and Assisi

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Throughout most of the past three millennium Italy was war-torn; often dominated by despotic rulers and foreign invaders. Following the decline and eventual fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century AD, Italy was up for grabs and various Germanic tribes and the Goths were scrambling to capture what they could. The Romans had built many castles atop strategic hills and the locals retreated to these defensible communities to protect themselves. Perugia, the capital of Umbria, occupies such a fortified hilltop location and the enormous walls have been constructed and demolished many times over the centuries. It is a spectacular medieval city with many great buildings and a beautiful cathedral. But its most intriguing feature is an incredible series of stairs and escalators that wind up inside the immense fortified wall that was built by the Pope's army in the 1490s. Here is Sheila inside the ancient walls on a modern escalator - no claustrophobia inside theses cavernous fortifications...
Perugia is just one of dozens of fortified cities in this part of Italy. Lucca, Florence and Sienna are all within striking distance and are some of our favourite places. But today we went to Assisi - the birthplace of Saint Francis, (San Francesco). This is the basilica where the 13th century saint is buried...
While we enjoy discovering the history and admiring the incredible medieval architecture, we love the maze of steps and passages that snake up and down these hilltop communities. Here's a selection from Assisi...
These precariously perched cities are not for the fainthearted or weak kneed. Fortunately there is always a great cathedral at the very top, so it can be said that these steps are a stairway to heaven. But what goes up, must come down...
And this lengthy tunnel in Assisi was built by the Romans nearly two thousand years ago...
What would the tunnelers have made of the fact that today their tunnel is used as the entrance to the parking garage?

Confession time - we didn't really win the giant chocolate bear at Eurochocolate 2011. However, we did win the golden one that James is holding in the picture. But wait... it wasn't real gold, just gold foil disguising the fact that it was actually made of chocolate! The nightmare continues!

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